Odd Ball Cabaret



The Odd Ball Cabaret

The name is right out of the San Fernando Valley’s history books. The original place where movie, TV & music stars have rubbed elbows with hard working, salt of the Earth “everyday Joes,” while enjoying the most beautiful exotic dancers.

A star itself, this extremely comfortable gentlemen’s club has been the backdrop in many scenes from popular movies, TV shows and music videos. If the name sounds familiar, maybe it’s because you, or one of your buddies, or brothers, or dad, or uncles may have been “wowed” during a visit to this popular adult entertainment venue back in the day… before it was renamed…


“Valley Ball Cabaret”

Or, maybe you attempted to avoid some rush hour traffic and clear your head by ducking into the equally popular gentlemen’s club, named…

“Bare Elegance Valley”

The interesting building that was once known as, “The Arches,” restaurant, in the early 1980’s, is back to reclaim its true glory and has rightfully been rechristened...

"Odd Ball Cabaret Showgirls”

The place that started the gentlemen’s club era in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, once again is home to the finest adult entertainment in the country. We showcase the most beautiful, nude, exotic dancers with new talent arriving daily!

There’s no doubt you’ll find that sexy, hot babe you’ve only fantasized about!

Our Private VIP room, essentially a club within a club, is the perfect location to book your next birthday or bachelor party and is sure to make any event go down in history as a night to remember!